All photography provided by Ana Rut Chavarria

Since October 2016, we have impacted many survivors and have sent out survivor boxes to 42 different states. 


Our Mission

Our mission statement is: to provide healing to victims, bring awareness to sexual assault, transform society’s response to victims, define what consent is.

We are known for our "survivor boxes" across 42 different states. A survivor box is a care package that is sent to the victim's home completely free of charge to them. This care package provides the victim with the tools and resources needed to start the healing journey. 

For more information on what is in a survivor box or how you can get one, please visit our survivor box page. 

Pamper Night

“She truly is wise beyond her years. Clay says her biggest enemy is lack of awareness” (2016).
— Marissa Park, ABC 13 WSET News

What We've Achieved

  • Survivor boxes in 40 different states.

  • Gained over 120 volunteers since 2016.

  • Impacted over 30 women in online and in-person support groups.

  • Hosted 22 fundraisers since October 2016 including Woven Devotion trunk shows, JUMP lynchburg survivor box drive, henna tattoos, Valentine's stuffed animals, bake sales, merchandise sales, etc.

  • Sent out over 132 care packages to victims of abuse.

  • Encouraged 21 women to speak out about their abuse for the FIRST time.

  • Received 5,000 stuffed animals in a donation from PetSmart.

  • Partnered with 12 other businesses.

  • Spoken about in books, newspapers, magazines, and on ABC 13 news.