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How to be involved...

We have so many different volunteer options. You can help in-person with things such as fundraisers, packaging boxes, etc. Or if you aren't located near us in Virginia or Michigan, you can volunteer remotely. 

Fill out the submission below so we can learn a little bit more about you! We rely on volunteers like yourself to keep Voices of Consent going. Thank you for your interest in helping us out!

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Your job would be to post updated on social media, put up flyers in your town or school, etc.
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Your job would be to visit local businesses or family owned companies and ask for donations (both monetary and non-monetary). You would promote Voices of Consent to companies to try and gain their support!

Volunteer at Pamper Night

Please fill out the form below to register as a volunteer for pamper night!! Thank you for your support and willingness to serve! 


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