Learn about our Survivor Boxes and how YOU can get one!


What is a Survivor Box?

A survivor box is a care package that is sent to a victim free of charge to them. We want to provide a free care package full of the right tools and resources in order for the victim to find healing. 

Our boxes provide a resource packet designed just for you. The resource packet is made to show the laws in your state, free health and counseling services available within 15 miles from you, and books available for healing. 

We also provide a full hygiene kit in the box. We include some items for you to pamper yourself and enjoy. We also provide tools for healing and comfort such as a journal and stuffed animal. 

Our boxes are designed by victims themselves, so we can find the best ways to encourage you during this difficult time. 

If you are interested in receiving a survivor box, please fill out this quick form below. The more information you provide us with, the better we can help you. All information provided is 100% confidential and only seen by the leaders of our team. The return rate of our survivor boxes is 2-3 weeks due to high demand. You should receive the box at your front door within three weeks of submitting the application.

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