Defining Consent and the Healing Process

What is consent?

Beginning a new life within a different setting is a challenge for everyone. Especially for those who have been struggling with what some may call baggage but tends to be the destroying point of lives. Using masks to cover what we presume our identity to be seems to be the easiest way to live with real life nightmares.

Voices of Consent- a local group of supporters started in Lynchburg, Va- is an organization where we will help take off those masks. Regardless of the emotional, physical, or sexual assault that has become a part of your testimony, we are here to equalize the fields of distrust and fear back to the hope that’s missing.

Consent allows us to choose what we as individuals want; and therefore, should never be forced upon us. The purpose of individuality reveals the traits and aspirations of a singular person. This should not be disturbed with forced connection of another person. There is heartache, there is brokenness, and there is fear. But with all of this, there is also support, love, and a safe place.

Moving in a forward direction

Confidence in the setting of being in this state is haunting- seems too far to reach- and hopeless. Through the process of awareness, the healing comes- and when that comes, it’s going to stay, and the daunting fear will lessen. Strength and courage will build back what was stolen and the confidence will reign over the cloudy days.  

Although the hurt is different for everyone, the same goals are desired. Regaining the pride, the self-image are all holes that need to be filled, and instead of filling them with useless things that will still leave you feeling empty, fill them with what is necessary to rebuild you. The foundation was broke, but it can be repaired- and essentially, be rebuilt more stable than before, because now, now that foundation is layered with hope, courage, and strength.

There is no timeline on how long a healing process should take or a manual on which steps to follow to start feeling whole again. No person should ever feel as if their story is not worthy of support or that their emotions are not valid. Healing does not take place overnight or alone- it can start by surrounding yourself with those you trust and with those who make you feel safe. Voices of Consent can be a haven where ones who has struggled with assault of any type can get help to move in the right direction when you have no idea where else to turn. 

In Closing

From a personal standpoint, I believe that intimacy in relationships is beautiful: It brings a closer connection between individuals. Friendship, mentoring, and dating are blossomed into a deep connection by sharing thoughts, feelings, and of course struggles. The English language is kind of funny, there is only ONE word for love. Expressing your love for your dog and how much you love pizza are completely different and so is how you love a family member, a spouse, and even yourself. 

And without realizing the resources that are available there may be no stop to the nightmare of thoughts drowning you. But when help is sought the breathing will get easier and that burden will be a step stool to lift you higher.  Now I know that overcoming the fear of revealing your face under that mask is terrifying. But there’s hope. And there’s still dreams.

With love,

Voices of Consent Volunteers

Partnership with Woven Devotion

Wow! Some exciting news is happening with Voices of Consent!! We now have a jewelry line titled, "Speak Up." Our jewelry includes cuff bracelets, leather stamped bracelets, stamped necklaces, and key necklaces. Bracelets are $6.99 and necklaces are $12.99! Each piece of jewelry has a bold statement or encouraging saying! 

Woven Devotion is a cute, chic, and budget-friendly boutique located in Lynchburg, VA. Woven Devotion also has an online store where you can shop. The owner, Katie, has allowed Voices of Consent to set up a display in the store and sell our products. Coolest thing about it all... Katie gives 100% of the proceeds back to VOC to put towards survivor boxes! YAY! 

We are so thankful for Woven Devotion and this amazing opportunity. CEO of Voices of Consent, Kelsey Clay, starred in Woven Devotion's weekly live Facebook video. You can view our display and the live video below. Big things are happing for VOC and we continue to look for new collaborations :)

woven devotion display.jpg
Feel free to stop in Woven Devotion to see our display and shop the extremely cute clothes!

Feel free to stop in Woven Devotion to see our display and shop the extremely cute clothes!

Donating to Haven - Oakland, Michigan

In December of 2016, two of our volunteers named Jade Antolec and Drew Miller came alongside the founder, Kelsey Clay, to donate $500 worth of stuffed animals to a domestic violence shelter in Oakland, Michigan. These stuffed animals were loved dearly by all the kids and woman who received them. If you are looking for FREE services for all kinds of abuse, please visit or click here.