The Awakening

The Awakening

Last week on a normal Wednesday night I did what most average Americans do after work- mindlessly watch TV as time ticked away to the weekend. But what I thought would be a normal night of TV drama turned into a harsh wake up call.

There she was, a nine-month pregnant female lured into a bedroom by her commander’s wife. What began as an invitation to sit down on the bed erupted into fear and cries of resistance. Without hesitation the commander’s wife grasped her arms down above her head while her body was forcibly pinned down on the bed by the commander.

As I watched what was about to happen my body tensed up and my face got red. But much to my surprise, the most hurtful part of this scene wasn’t the rape itself but the words that followed. “You treat it like a job…one detaches oneself. No more to you than a bee a still flower. Not me, not my flesh…I’m not here.”

People ask, how could this happen? It must have been something that you did. Or perhaps, something that you didn’t do. But what if we stopped accusing and started listening? Maybe if someone listened to me, I wouldn’t have stayed silent for so long.

- Kristy (Volunteer/Outreach Leader for VOC)