Voices of Consent Leadership Team

Voices of Consent is blessed to have an amazing group of Board of Directors who fearlessly and passionately live out our mission! Voices of Consent is BIG on team building and creating strong interpersonal relationships with our leadership team. Each member of leadership brings unique talents and skills to the table and we are thankful for their dedication and commitment to survivors.


Kelsey Clay - CEO/Founder

As a survivor myself, I founded Voices of Consent in 2016 after realizing how many people had been affected by abuse and how many people still needed help and resources. I decided to create an organization thats mission involved helping survivors of ALL kinds of abuse wherever they are located and creating a community online where they don’t have to face the healing process alone. I received a degree in Project Management in 2018 and am currently an ITPM for the government. My favorite part of Voices of Consent is the friendships I have made and the amount of people I have been able to impact. I have also been blessed by the community who has been eager to help and be involved!


Trevor Sinclair - project manager

I joined Voices of Consent in November of 2017 and have been actively involved in many parts of the organization ever since. I graduated with a Bachelors of Communications with a concentration in Public relations with a minor in marketing. I decided to join Voices of Consent to help victims and give them a voice. I wanted to also show women that there are respectful men out there and they deserve to be respected and treated with love.


Madisen Hopper - Director of fundraising and media

I have been with VOC since September 2018. I chose to join VOC because of the awareness and impact they have on society and what they stand for. So many of my friends have been a victim of some sort of abuse in their relationships and have not known what to do or have had much support if they have spoken up. I love that VOC not only meets physical needs with survivor boxes and resource packets but also the friend or emotional support you can find in any of our leaders. I love being a part of VOC because I am able to use my talents and abilities to help those who may not be able to help themselves right away. I also love brining comfort to survivors through events VOC puts on like Pamper Night. I am currently working on my nursing degree at Liberty University as well as running my own photography business based out of Lynchburg, Virginia.  

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Kristy Stearns - Director of Outreach resources

I've been with Voices of Consent since our CEO, Kelsey Clay, first began recruiting volunteers in 2016! I chose to be a part of this team because I am not only passionate about assisting those who have been impacted by sexual assault but also because I believe in the mission of this organization. My favorite part about being a part of Voices of Consent is that I get to work with other team members who are just as passionate as I am in assisting survivors through their journey of healing. My degrees are a Bachelor of Science in Public Health: Health Promotion and I am currently getting my Master of Public Health: Epidemiology.


Tyler Lucas - Support services director

I have been a part of Voices of Consent since the very first day that Kelsey presented the idea to her class. I chose to join VOC because the mission of this organization is something I have stood behind for a long time and I believed in Kelsey and her vision. My favorite part of VOC is the community of Volunteers and their heart to help others. I received my degree from Liberty University: BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Administration and Communications.


Graycen Hurt - Director of Community Relations

I have been a part of Voices of Consent since the very first day Kelsey announced it in our international business class junior year. I joined VOC because sexual assault and domestic violence are injustices that I want to do something about. I could see Kelsey had the drive to actually do something about it and I wanted to be a part of that movement. My favorite part of being in VOC is constantly innovating. As a growing non-profit, I love sitting down and regularly brain storming new ways to integrate intriguing ideas with our core mission and goals. I have a BS: Interdisciplinary Studies: Business Administration and Communication and am pursuing my Master of Business Administration.